Sunday, 26 January 2014

American newspaper front pages Sunday 26 January

Ato em SP contra a Copa termina em vandalismo – Act in SP against the Cup ends in vandalism

“Banks, shops and cars are plundered; Police using gas bombs and holds 128

On the day of the birthday of Sao Paulo, a protest that brought together some 1.500 people against the World Cup ended in looting in the city centre at night. The March, which went for two hours peacefully, became violent after supporters of the protest tactic “black bloc” separated from other protesters. Get looted banks, shops, cars and a Metropolitan Civil Guard vehicle.

The military police, which followed the protest with 2.000 men, used bombs of moral effect. 128 people were arrested — the police turned a hotel on rua Augusta in basis for arrests. The Mayor Fernando Haddad (PT) and the Governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) condemned the vandalism.

Other 12 capitals had acts against the Cup. In Natal and Fortaleza, there have also been clashes, but on a smaller scale.”


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