Friday, 6 December 2013

Honouring Japanese cuisine – News and views for Friday 6 December

News and views noted along the way.
  • UNESCO honor gives traditional fare boost – “The addition of “washoku” to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage has government and food industry officials hoping the recognition will provide a boost to traditional Japanese food not just overseas but also at home, where its popularity is waning.”
  • What is Wrong with the EU? – “The result is that one of the most affluent economic areas of the world barely notices that one quarter of its population lives at risk of poverty. What is wrong with us?”
  • Perverse consequences of well-intentioned regulation: Evidence from India’s child-labour ban – “The most popular regulation against child labour is a ban against it. This column presents evidence from such a ban in India. Not only did the ban not reduce child labour, but it even increased it. The effects are concentrated among the poorest families. Therefore, policy reforms other than bans could be more effective in reducing child labour, and in improving the lives of children.”
  • The Pope Makes Enemies!: Thursday Absolute Idiocy Weblogging
  • GOP launches candidate training: How to talk to women – “The GOP doesn’t want another Todd Akin-like moment, when the Missouri Senate-hopeful dropped with a thud in polls after speaking on the campaign trail about “legitimate rape.” Sen. Saxby Chambliss later attributed some sexual assaults in the military on male hormones, sparking accusations that he was dismissing and making excuses for what’s emerged as a top-talked about criminal issue.”
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