Monday, 5 December 2011

You can't keep a former PM down

The Foreign Minister's Conference

He waited until the last day but Kevin Rudd dominated it!
  1. There was some serious work for the Foreign Minister at the weekend
  2. Addressed our National Conference today on GFC2. And what needs to be done. Oz jobs at stake: KRudd
  3. And new initiative to appoint our first Ambassador for Human Trafficking. Focus on eliminating this new form of the slave trade. KRudd
  4. Which brought forth one supporter

  5. #KRudd pushes the #ALP into leading a push for a #global #ban on the use and trading of #asbestos
  6. And the Foreign Minister had a few words to say about the direction of his beloved Labor Party
  7. Angry Kevin Rudd hits out at ALP national conference, calling it a failure #alpnc @swannydpm @theqldpremier
  8. Which prompted a response leaked to the papers for Monday morning
  9. Kevin insults Julia's #ToysRUs speech. TeamJulia retaliates by leaking election review stating Rudd was shit. Open warfare begins #auspol
  10. Leak 'intended to damage Rudd': KEVIN Rudd's supporters say details of a secret chapter in the 2010 ALP review
  11. A leaked report damning leaking. Ironic. Leaked by whom? Who gains? “@ALPAustNews: New leak of ALP report intended to damage Kevin Rudd"
  12. The KRudd gov review leaked why? Well make him think twice about a challenge. Who would back him now? @LaurieOakes mite get some leaks soon
  13. And talking of leaks .,..
  14. I think we all knew Kevin Rudd and his supporters were behind the election leaks last year
  15. Don't know how Kevin Rudd made it into my "who to follow" list, but pretty happy that his twitter handle has KRudd in it. #australia
  16. Kevin Rudd labels ALP national conference a "failure" - does it take one to know one? #auspol
  17. @aaronkearneyaus #antibucketlist I will never follow Yoko Ono or Kevin Rudd on Twitter
  18. All of which produced this:
  19. THE internal Labor hostility towards former leader Kevin Rudd is at a new peak following criticism of his...
  20. Butecause it was all Julia's fault anyway - not mentioning him in her list of great Labor PMs indeed!
  21. Trying to erase Kevin Rudd as PM wrong.He is probably feeling stressed out, undermined and demoralised.ALP bullies (Guess who?)lack empathy
  22. While the man himself was just out and about trying to be nice and pleasant
  23. I heard on ABC News 24 that Kevin Rudd was seen milling with people in Darling Harbour getting his photo taken with them.
  24. Kevin Rudd shameless
  25. While those Chinese were being as mean as mean could be
  26. China banned media reports on Cablegate, allowed critical commentary about Kevin Rudd | #wikileaks
  27. But his old Murdoch friends were kinder. They were still rooting for him even if others were sceptical.
  28. Yes, KRudd only has to sneeze for the media to get leadership speculation out of it. But after that speech yesterday we can't be surprised.
  29. How can News Ltd keep a straight face whilst periodically breaking the same story? KRudd COUP PLOT! Samantha Maiden
  30. The Oz media is like that guy who keeps predicting the rapture “@WillFrogley: Rudd tipped to challenge Gillard by
  31. Or believers in conspiracy theories!
  32. @BabsNation babs I can't believe the polls. It's prob fix so no challenge is made by Krudd. See the review re Rudd's gov? Leaked. All bad
  33. Tony Abbott's thought process "Shit, I don't have any policy or anything of worth to say, better talk about KRudd wanting to be ALP leader."
  34. While K.Rudd talked about Tony
  35. Also focused on Tony Abbott's "vision" for the future. He calls it the "Anglosphere". Pity about our region
  36. And found he really did have some supporters

  37. #thedrum Dump KRudd then blame him because you almost lose the election? Typical bully tactics.
  38. @JuliaGillard you should be ashamed that you disarray KRudd.
  39. @KRuddMP Yay, go KRudd!
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