Friday, 2 December 2011

A review of day one at the ALP Federal Conference

Annabel Crabb is the queen of the tweeters so we'll give space to some others
  1. So what did those who comment have to say?
  2. Some criticism of the leader was circulated widely
  3. And some was taken down
  4. A 'whore' and a 'gay': Triple J's sledge on Julia and Tim - TWO ABC broadcasters have called Julia Gillard a "whore" and accused boyfriend Tim Mathieson of being gay in blistering Twitter attacks as the Prime Minister prepared to open the ALP national conference today. LOL. I love it, we want more of this stuff. Hilarious. She’s is on a higher level than an Anti-Christ. Gillhard is a bitch ‘She Devil’. Lol.
  5. And a former leader was even praised
  6. @SkyContrarians - Does moving away from politics clear thinking? Mark Latham seems to espousing common sense re important issues @alp conf
  7. When they are on a good thing they stick to it
  8. RT @marlowstevens: How many times did phrase "Work Choices" get mentioned at the ALP conference. As they were told, "As Many Times As Yous Can!" Hey its 2011!
  9. But there was only one subject dominating the discussions
  10. We need a twitter trend to force LIB to a conscience vote for #marriageequality if ALP votes for conscience vote tomorrow
  11. Hope the unreconstructed misogynist morons of the ALP Right do not prevail this weekend. Marriage Equality NOW!!
  12. @vanwhoo22 yeah...not holding my breath, I think ALP will go for conscience vote but opp party will vote no to try and force an election
  13. @MiaFreedman @JuliaGillard Why?? If your MP's have a conscience then it shall pass, stop blaming the PM for ALP & LNP doctrine, its a step.
  14. For goodness sake, aren't there some other subjects?
  15. RT @TommyTudehope: Relieved gay marriage is top of the agenda at ALP conference. I was beginning to worry about global warming, EuroZone, Middle East, poverty.
  16. Well they welcomed some Norwegians
  17. 'ALP moved by Norway massacre memories': "young Labour… "met hate w/ love and bullets with roses" #auspol #ALPnc
  18. RT @kimmaree_tweet: that was v moving RT @JackEHeron ALP moved by Norway massacre: "… "met hate with love and bullets with roses" #auspol
  19. And what about our issue?
  20. Animal rights activists protest: Animal rights protesters called for bans on live exports outside the ALP confer...
  21. So I'm guessing internet censorship won't be discussed at the #alpnc but will remain alp policy anyway #openinternet #auspol
  22. And if it all disappoints you there are always the Greens
  23. RT @urbancreature: It would be very enterprising of the @greens to have proforma ALP resignation letters & Greens memb forms ready for the end of #alpnc
  24. Or perhaps you don't care at all
  25. RT “@twcau: Am I the only person in Australia who doesn't give a monkeys butt about the ALP Conference?” Obviously not as I'm retweeting!
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