Saturday, 3 December 2011

The mob not fooled by Labor's so-called gay marriage change

  1. Can we still be friends?
  2. The official verdict
  3. Conference has passed amendment in support of #marriageequality #ALPnc
  4. #MarriageEquality is now part of #ausLabor platform #ALPnc
  5. Explained
  6. RT @CrabbTwitsard: So - to recap. Conscience vote has passed, but so has the amendment to the platform supporting same sex marriage. #ALPnc
  7. So basically Gillard manoeuvred cunningly on same sex marriage, looking like she allowed conscience whilst knowing parl wouldn't pass it.
  8. RT @jasonball88: The first time Labor's platform is changed without binding any of its members. Gillard is a constant source of disappointment #ALPnc
  9. A harsh verdict but a fair one
  10. RT @profsarahj: So the ALP votes to support marriage equality and to ensure that it won't happen for now. #alpnc
  11. What has happened today is spin and will mean no change for the rights of gay people in Australia #ALPnc #Gillardfail
  12. Well there goes our chance to really show the world we aren't a nation run by a bunch of multi-phobic dinosaurs. #MarriageEquality #alpnc
  13. RT @citizen_cam: So the ALP supports gay marriage. Except it doesn't. Well done, Labor. You're a bunch of useless pieces of shit. #ALPNC
  14. RT @MaximillianSaga: Slow clap, ALP. Remind me again why anyone even remotely progressive should have anything to do with you? #ALPnc #votegreen #auspol
  15. So let's go Green
  16. RT @swearycat: #alpnc can you hear this? Its the sound of thousands of ALP voters heading off to the Greens.
  17. Or just make the best of it
  18. The platform change at the #alpnc is a half-victory. I say we count our blessings, and go out and party anyway!
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