Saturday, 11 September 2010

Ethics of the Murdoch press - an update

Just a little update on the style of the Murdoch empire.

MPs backed down from calling Rebekah Brooks to Commons
"A cross-party committee of MPs abandoned plans to force the News International chief executive, Rebekah Brooks, to testify last year after they were warned that their private lives would be investigated, a former member alleged last night.
Adam Price, a former Plaid Cymru MP, told Channel 4 News that a group of committee members shied away from the 'nuclear option' of issuing a warrant for Brooks to attend after a senior Tory warned that News International would 'go for us'.
Adrian Sanders, a Liberal Democrat member of the committee, said that the Tory chairman of the committee, John Whittingdale, had issued the warning. 'The chairman himself had made some sort of allusion towards what could happen were we to go down this route. But there was no surprise in that because it was sort of, 'Well, yeh, we knew that from that beginning'.'"
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