Friday, 6 August 2010

Who won the news cycle? Picking a winner gets confusing

This business of choosing a daily winner gets hard when it suddenly becomes a three-way contest. That non-starter in the official race, Kevin Rudd, is outperforming the actual runners by lengths!
But back to the main event, where the daily parade of babies, schoolchildren, the aged and the ill keeps getting longer every day. Tweedle dee Gillard and Tweedle dum Abbott give us similar pictures on the television every night. Day-care centres, schools, old folks gathering places and hospitals are it, with the occasional shopping mall for a little variety. By the end of another fortnight we will have seen every one of them in Queensland.
Not much in it for yet another night really, and who wins the day depends on what impact the phantom Rudd runner is actually having on the mob. My guess is that Labor now has them thoroughly confused as to what this change of leader business was all about and that they are seriously considering giving the other lot a go. Seeing and hearing John Howard addressing a public gathering is sure to have made some people feel nostalgic for days gone by.
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