Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Our Election Tipping Contest is predicting a tight contest

Don’t trust me. Trust the combined wisdom of the hundreds ofCrikey readers who have already entered our $5000 to the winner tipping contest. This election looks like being a close run thing.
The selections by our daily mail subscribers as the winners in the 20 marginal seats selected for our entry form point to the Coalition picking up seats! That just shows the open minded honesty of theCrikey readership as it focuses on the pursuit of truth without fear or favour.
The probabilities of victory by each party in each seat calculated from the entries so far are shown in the following table:
3-08-2010 crikeymarginals
In the mean-time, if you have not already entered, get clicking.
For Crikey subscribers there’s nothing to lose and that $5000 first prize to gain along with an assortment of other prizes.
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