Friday, 11 June 2010

With fear and trepidation - NASA data

I am loathe to provoke Tamas Calderwood into another outburst of correspondence but I cannot resist showing this graph from the NASA dataset:
11-06-2010 jantomaytemp
Last month, you will notice, tied with May 1998 as the hottest May on record. That followed April 2010 being the hottest ever April recorded and the period January to May this year was the warmest in 131 years. Yet in Crikey yesterday Tamas Calderwood asked “If man-made CO2 is dangerously warming the planet, why wasn’t the current El Nino warmer than 1998’s?” Well, there’s your answer. It has been.
And to proffer further ammunition for the next attempt to defend the indefensible I look forward to an explanation as to the lack of significance of these two climate happenings.
11-06-2010 northernhemispheresnowcoveranomalies
The Global Snow Lab at Rutgers University reports a record low snow cover in the entire northern hemisphere for the month of May.
11-06-2010 seaiceextent
And to r0und out today’s selection there’s that graph of Arctic sea ice extent showing (the red line) that it keeps reaching new lows.
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