Thursday, 3 June 2010

Stay home he should

President Obama has good electoral reasons of his own not to fly off for a week to Guam, Indonesia and Australia. While there is little or nothing he or any other politician can do to curb the oil flow off Louisiana it is a crisis and people expect their leaders to at least pretend to be in charge of such things. So far the political signals are mixed.
The bad news for the President is that his Democratic Party is losing ground to the Republicans in the polls reflecting the voting intention for the House of Representatives election due in November.
3-06-2010 gallupcongress
The latest lead shown by Gallup is the largest in the campaign to date. Should this trend continue Republicans will end up regaining control of the House of Representatives again which would further complicate the process of governing.
The slightly better news from Gallup is that the free-fall in Obama's personal approval rating has come to a halt.
3-06-2010 gallupobamaapproval
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