Friday, 18 June 2010

Giving us more of the same

One of the extraordinary things about those that govern us is that it takes them a long time to admit that they might be wrong. When some policy or plan of theirs does not work they do not try something else but rather give us more of the same. A bigger dose of the failure is the prescribed remedy.
Kevin Rudd, it seems to me, is following this path at the moment. As his daily television appearances have less and less impact on a disillusioned public he has decided to have more of them. Thus he returned last night to the ABC’s 7.30 Report to give us another dose of gobbledygook and all I can conclude from it is that he does in fact fear that an early election would lead to his defeat. Hence the floating of the March next year option.
If he really does have delaying that long on his agenda then the first thing he should do is cut out the corny public appearances until he actually has something worth saying.
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