Monday, 21 June 2010

Declaring an interest

There’s no attempt by the boss of the Roy Morgan polling organisation to disguise his political convictions. Gary Morgan, chairman of a minor mining company, declares on his website this morning:

Our latest Morgan Poll conducted June 12/13, 2010 gave the ALP 51.5%, L-NP 48.5% — forget the published telephone polls showing the L-NP with a big lead — the federal election will be close, and the ALP people I have spoken to (all close to ‘god’) know where the ALP now stands — in a good position to win the next federal election — then Australia will need more than ‘god’ to help us!
Like the Eureka Trials “through out” the treason charges in 1855 the Rudd Government must now “throw out” the proposed 40% Mining ‘Super Profits’ Tax to reverse the damage already done to Australian’s ‘sovereign risk.’
The 40% Mining “Super Profits” Tax issue is bigger than the Mining Companies (not wanting to pay more tax), the issue is bigger than the L-NP Opposition wanting to win the next Federal election — it is about the future of Australia and all Australians.
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