Friday, 12 February 2010

A Cairns tragedy

If Peter Garrett’s political future is in any real danger then it is the grieving Cairns mother Wendy Sweeney who is responsible. She it was featuring on the television news bulletins last night saying that the Environment Minister should be dismissed because of his role in the death of her son, Mitchell, who was electrocuted last month at the age of 22 while working on the insulation of a house roof being paid for under a federal Government scheme. Sweeney’s dignified criticism of the Minister will have had far more impact on the general public than any of the words of criticism mouthed on the subject by Coalition politicians.
But not too much influence on the editor of the Cairns Post. While their local resident was achieving national recognition, this example of the Murdoch tabloids had other things on its news agenda. Covering the whole of page one this morning was the story of a little dog saved by the blood transfusion from a big dog. A touching story and a delightful picture but it does make you wonder about editorial priorities up north.
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