Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Turnbull home and safe

Wednesday 25 November 2009 - Malcolm Turnbull is now home and safe for Christmas as the Liberal Party Leader. He called the bluff of the party dissidents today and had a comfortable victory. Only the most demented members of the Party believed they should elect a new leader who opposes an ETS the day after deciding to vote in the Senate to create one. That idea was just too stupid and there was no ETS supporter like Joe Hockey being suicidal enough to put him or her self up as a sacrificial lamb to appease the anger of those who Turnbull out manoeuvred yesterday.

With a Labor victory at the next election looking as certain as anything can be a year out from polling day, no credible alternative to Turnbull came forward. The idea of Kevin Andrews leading the Opposition to an election was a joke.

When Parliament returns next year, who knows what will happen in the Opposition party room but the logic will remain the same. Only a Liberal with a political death wish would want to take over the leader's job.
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