Sunday, 18 October 2009

Curbing the drinking habits of a nation on the Sunday agenda

Malcolm Turnbull takes on rebels - Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull appears to have stared down party rebels over the emissions trading scheme (ETS), at least for now - Sydney Sunday Telegraph
Mutiny looms for Turnbull over emissions deal - Malcolm Turnbull is facing the prospect of a Senate revolt if he strikes a deal to amend Labor’s emissions trading legislation before the conclusion of international negotiations - Melbourne Sunday Age
Sri Lankans waver on hunger strike - Sri Lankan asylum seekers on a boat in Indonesia were yesterday considering ending their hunger strike and said they might come ashore - Melbourne Sunday Age
Secrecy fostered by public service - A culture of public service secrecy is alive and well, with as many as eight out of 10 ”confidential” Federal Government contracts being inappropriately shielded from public scrutiny - Melbourne Sunday Age
Aboriginal affairs
Aboriginal intervention plan rebadged to meet race discrimination laws - The Federal Government’s intervention into indigenous communities will be rebadged as a positive measure as part of its plan to make the policy comply with anti-discrimination laws -Sydney Sun Herald
Political parties
Libs want to make ‘friends’ with youth - The Liberal Party will start a recruitment drive to attract younger people who may be sympathetic to its policies but not keen to be full party members. People can become ”friends” of the NSW Liberal Party for $15 a year - Sydney Sun Herald
A1 shambles is the pits, Anna - Qneensland’s premier motor racing event may be dead after the embarrassing withdrawal of the A1GP from the Gold Coast’s Super GP yesterday - Brisbane Sunday Mail
Official lurks and perks
Kosky’s pain relief on us - A Brumby Government minister’s $7.90 headache tablets are among thousands of petty and extravagant expense claims charged to the taxpayer by public servants and MPs working overseas - Melbourne Herald Sun
Victor and Andre’s spend-athon -Victoria’s two newest high-profile commissioners abroad have wasted no time in living the high life on opposite sides of the world - Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun
Liberals labour with great divide - Glenn Milne writes in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph that the real problem Malcolm Turnbull faces as he plumbs the opinion poll depths is that he’s the symptom, not the cause, of the Liberal Party’s current troubles.
Attention or asylum seekers - Kevin Rudd has decided to make a public show of being tough on asylum-seekers and this particular human cargo has, sadly, played into his hands. They are not huddled, disempowered, silent shadows, grateful for any crumb of consideration we throw _ they are bold and stroppy and a bit melodramatic. And some Australians just can’t cope when refugees don’t fit the cliche - Claire Harvey in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph
Where the mild things are - A navel-gazing Coalition is in dire need of leadership, policies and luck writes Josh Gordon in the Melbourne Sunday Age
Is it time universities showed ENTER the exit? - Richard James argues in the Melbourne Sunday Age that we’re wasting student potential so let’s improve university selection.
Soaring global prices drive boom in sugar towns - Sugarcane farmers will pump a record $2 billion into the state’s economy next year, with soaring prices and global supply shortages fuelling a rare boom in sugar towns across regional Queensland - Brisbane Sunday Mail
Coming up trumps - Don’t believe the hype - James Packer is no loser and, as the sharemarket surges, will regain his place as Australia’s richest man - Melbourne Sunday Age
GM canola crop spreads despite fears - The national crop of genetically modified canola is expected to quadruple compared to last year’s debut harvest, as more farmers embrace the benefits of growing the herbicide-resistant strain - Melbourne Sunday Age
News Corp seeks retransmission fees - Rupert Murdoch opened a new front in his battle to obtain “fair compensation” for content produced by his media companies, by saying he would be seeking fees from American cable and satellite operators to carry his Fox television network - London Times
Sun coming out on Murdoch’s News Corp - News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch says the world has weathered the worst of the downturn and his media company is expecting a “stronger year ahead” - Perth Sunday Times
Daily Mail column on Stephen Gately death provokes record complaints - Protests crash PCC’s website and flood internet and companies rush to pull advertising from website - London Guardian
Kevin Rudd gets whack for smacking - Leading psychologists said the Prime Minister sent the wrong message to parents in an interview on Friday, when he said he had disciplined his children with a “whack across the knuckles” - Sydney Sunday Telegraph
Real estate
Surge in home auction sales - Real estate auction clearances surged this week with 75 per cent of homes presented being sold - Adelaide Sunday Mail
Mansion market booming - Multi-million dollar mansions are hot property as the surging sharemarket and growing economy gives cashed-up silvertails confidence to splash out - Adelaide Sunday Mail
Sydney’s great toll rort - Tolls on Sydney’s main motorways have far outstripped inflation in the past decade, with some having doubled since 1999. So-called “escalation formulas” built into the contract deeds of the toll roads, allowing for increases to be rounded up - to 20c or 50c increments - are behind excessive charges - Sydney Sunday Telegraph
Law and order
Threats against judges double - Threats to judges have doubled in the past 12 months, forcing one of the biggest reviews of court security since the 1980s - Sydney Sunday Telegraph
Lawyers seek a leash on state watchdog - The coercive powers of the Victorian Ombudsman run the risk of eroding the rule of law in the state and should be reviewed by an independent judicial inquiry, according to Victorian lawyers - Melbourne Sunday Age
The drugs
No script, no cold drug: radical plan for ice war - Cold and flu remedies that contain pseudoephedrine would become available only by prescription if authorities adopt a radical plan aimed at tackling Australia’s growing epidemic of the drug known as ice - Sydney Sun Herald
The drink
Don’t limit debate’ - Paramedics, trucking magnate Lindsay Fox and state politicians have called for a parliamentary inquiry into lowering Victoria’s drink-drive limit to .02 - Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun
Blitz on all-night bottle shops in bid to curb alcohol-fuelled violence - All-night bottle shops have had their opening hours slashed in a new attempt to curb escalating alcohol-related violence on Melbourne’s streets - Melbourne Sunday Age
Supermarket bars alcohol deliveries - Woolworths has suspended all home deliveries of alcohol nationally after The Melbourne Sunday Age revealed how easy it was for under-age drinkers to obtain liquor using the retail giant’s courier service.
Blacklist to clean up Fortitude Valley - People arrested for drunken and unruly behaviour in Fortitude Valley could be banned by the courts from returning to the inner-Brisbane entertainment precinct under a radical new plan - Brisbane Sunday Mail
Switching to plastic doesn’t reduce violent attacks - The State Government’s push to ban glasses in licensed venues has received a setback, with a government-backed study finding plastic will not cut alcohol-fuelled violence - Brisbane Sunday Mail
The addiction
Push to make uni entrance fair for all - Statewide intelligence tests for year 12 students would be an alternative to VCE scores in a bold proposal to make university selections fairer - Melbourne Sunday Age
Rees urges public service: keep it simple, stupid - NSW public servants will be put under a plain-English microscope to make sure the documents they produce are clear and precise - Sydney Sun Herald
Town planning
Plan for SA ‘super town’ - The masterplan for a multi-billion-dollar town of more than 18,000 homes and 46,000 people, earmarked for Adelaide’s north, has finally been released - Adelaide Sunday Mail
Bush fires
Hoon heaven
Push for Adelaide hoon heaven - bob Jane is set to turn the Adelaide International Raceway into a “hoons’ haven” - and the track could reopen full-time as early as next year - Adelaide Sunday Mail
ALP backs late night trading - Labor has opened the door to Perth finally getting extra shopping hours. On Friday, WA Labor strongly indicated to The Sunday Times that the party would back some form of the Barnett Government’s latest push to establish tourism precincts in Joondalup, Midland and Armadale, allowing extended trading for those areas - Perth Sunday Times
Meet FFA’s man of mystery - Frank Lowy claims to not enjoy controversy but that hasn’t stopped Football Federation Australia’s chairman from hiring one of international football’s most colourful characters to help his dream of bringing the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup to Australia - Sydney Sun Herald
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