Thursday, 3 September 2009

A strategy for Malcolm

Malcolm Turnbull must be hoping that the New South Wales Labor Government does not totally disintegrate to the point where it cannot remain in office for the whole of its four year fixed term. Having a federal election before the NSW one will suit him just fine. Labor’s state team are giving the whole image of Labor a dreadful battering and there are few signs that things will get better.
Another year of maladministration and there will surely be some people who just want to punish the first person with Labor alongside his or her name that they come across in a polling booth. A swing of a half to one per cent from this cause would not seem out of the question to me. and with the right kind of campaigning it could well end up much more.
The Liberal objective should be to stress  — make up if necessary  — the strong links between Federal NSW Labor and State Labor. Keep talking about there being only one NSW Labor Party Branch, one state conference, one state executive with the selection of both lots of candidates dominated by exactly the same factional bosses. Say it loud and say it often  — all Labor Party MPs, state and federal, are birds of a feather.
Find every picture, every film clip of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd mixing with these NSW Party controllers. Keep pointing out how many of the key advisers to Rudd and his ministers have graduated to Canberra after working for the discredited state administration.
Muddy the waters by throwing as much mud at them as possible. Do it well enough and there will be federal seats to be won.
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