Monday, 21 September 2009

The daily health attack

A change of tactics is clearly needed if the Coalition is to stop the rot and the best this old Labor election strategist can do is suggest that the Opposition try something completely different like urging Labor to be foolhardy enough to carry out the Rudd threat to take over the administration of the nation’s public hospitals because state governments are proving incapable of running them.
Today’s example of how the system goes from bad to worse is once again from New South Wales where it is reported in the Sydney Morning Herald that Unions say 1000 jobs are to go in a hospital purge under the NSW Health Department’s voluntary redundancy program. With waiting lists already long and quality of service suffering, nurses, therapists and other health workers are to be let go.
Despite severe workforce shortages, the department has been calling for massive redundancies to compensate for its $646.6 million budget blowout. Surely it is time to tell the Prime Minister to really stop playing his blame game by ending the pretence that State Governments can fix things.
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