Thursday, 6 August 2009

The dream run continues

Kevin Rudd’s dream run just keeps on keeping on. This morning’s figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics again confounded the experts by showing no rise in the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate which stays at 5.9%. While full time employment fell, there was quite strong growth in part time work.

I would have thought it well nigh impossible for a politician’s ratings to fall further than those achieved by Malcolm Turnbull so far but my guess is that I will once again be proved wrong. His standing is just going from bad to worse and now The Australian is seriously suggesting that Andrew Robb would be better vote winner! Perhaps next Tuesday’s Newspoll will see a new record low point for an Opposition Leader which must make an early election more and more tempting for Labor.

Don’t worry about waiting for circumstances that permit a double dissolution. Just get in quick before the Liberals have an opportunity to test The Oz’s hypothesis.

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