Thursday, 2 July 2009

Hoons and mall brats

fear of the young is clearly a factor in the law and order preoccupation of governments whose voters are increasingly getting older and are thus the people that politicians believe they must respond to. The prime example of the last year or so has been a concentration in every state on how to stop on so-called "hoon" drivers from what has always been a pre-occupation of youths - driving cars in a fast and furious fashion. The Adelaide Advertiser was on the case again this week as you might have noticed in our Crikey morning media wrap yesterday when for good measure the paper came up with a second category of youths to hate - mall brats. This morning they were back on the case of the motorised hoons with their story "Hoon drivers post illegal street race videos on YouTube"
Now If only they would do something about those kids at the Duffy shops with those skateboards ....
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