Monday, 29 June 2009

Preserving its thunder

At The Oz they jealously guard the pre-eminence with which its fortnightly Newspoll figures are treated by the rest of the press and the politicians. Whenever the rival AC Nielsen polling team have been in the field, the release of the Newspoll figures is moved from the normal Tuesday publication day to Monday. So it was this morning that the bad news for the Coalition, and for the Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull in particular, came from two barrels. Well, three actually. The day was chosen as well for one of the very occasional polls taken by Galaxy for the Murdoch tabloids.
And what really did the trio of pollsters tell us? Very little that is new. While individual polls bob around a bit which enables journalists to invent an explanation for such behaviour the findings has been the same since the last election. Kevin Rudd is thought to be a better leader than anyone in the Opposition and Labor has a bigger lead than it had at the last election.
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