Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A fourth political force for Britain

The UK this week has elections for members of the European Parliament and for local governments and all the indications are that the governing Labour Party is in for a right royal drubbing. A poll for The Independent out this morning has the Labour vote down to just 22 per cent with the Tories on 30% and the Liberal Democrats on 18%. The big surprise is that that the poll shows support for minor parties and independents running neck and neck with the Tories - the Greens on 8 per cent, Ukip on 7 per cent, the BNP 3 per cent, the Scottish National Party 2 per cent, Plaid Cymru 1 per cent and other smaller parties or independents 9 per cent.
The poll suggests, says The Independent, the voters' message in Thursday's local and European elections will be to say "a plague on all your houses" to the three main parties. According to the pollster ComRes, 80 per cent of people agree that "the Westminster parties" have let the country down, while only 18 per cent disagree.
"The poll raises hopes for the Greens and Ukip of a strong showing in Thursday's elections to the European Parliament. It points to a Labour rout that could lead to demands from Labour MPs that Gordon Brown stand down before the general election."
Ukip is running its campaign on a strong anti European Union message complete with the symbolism of Winston Churchill.
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