Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A pretty little child

If Michael Jackson's taste is to your taste, I'm afraid you've missed your chance. There are several statues of small children from the King of Pop's very own collection currently on public exhibition in downtown Beverley Hills but their auction next month, along with some 1400 bits and pieces from the Neverland Ranch, is off.
Michael Jackson, the auctioneer Julien's of West Hollywood, California had assured us, was an enthusiastic and avid collector of everything from exquisite antiques to prized entertainment and popular culture memorabilia. Julien's Auctions was "proud to present all these items and much more for sale to the public" in a once-in-a-lifetime auction from April 22 to 25.
But, alas for would be memorabilia collectors, Jackson field a lawsuit requesting the return of some items and while a judge ruled the auction could proceed agreement was reached overnight for the whole thing to be called off.
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