Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The strange merger gets ever stranger

The strange political beast created by the merger of the Nationals and the Liberals in Queensland looks stranger with every passing day. At a state level there may be relative peace and harmony between the two sections but federally this Liberal National Party is clearly a joke.
Barnaby Joyce for one continues to act as if nothing has changed except perhaps that the division between Nationals and Liberals is greater than it has ever been. He really has humiliated Malcolm Turnbull by refusing to join the leadership team in the Federal Parliament and is set on having Senate Nationals run their own race in the Senate.
That might best serve his own personal interest but it clearly makes a mockery of the idea that Queensland now has one united conservative force.
The Queensland Premier Anna Bligh must be delighted. Pointing to the strange hybrid that is the LNP will be a major part of her election campaign next year.
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